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The Safe Removal of Amalgam Fillings Containing Mercury

We understand that many people have very real concerns about fillings containing mercury. Members of The Association for Mercury Free Dentistry, Dr Deborah and Dr Gregory Morse use recommended precautions to ensure the safe removal of amalgam and can also supply you with a list of supplements and detoxification aids.

During the treatment the amalgam filling(s) are removed by “sectioning”. As mercury vapour is released during the sectioning process the surgery is equiped with external venting for the high powered suction unit. This is backed up by a separate, powerful, extractor fan and as a final precaution the patient wears a small, comfortable nose mask to breath fresh oxygen.

Copious amounts of water are used to cool the amalgam filling during sectioning as this also helps minimise the amount of vapour released. This water is aspirated away by our registered dental nurse using high speed suctioning.

The end result is aesthetically pleasing and the composites used are as strong and more reliable than the old amalgam filling.

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