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Many people have teeth that have become stained and unsightly. It may be that an old filled or crowned tooth is becoming more noticeable as the gum recedes and the tooth or filling is exposed. It is now possible to improve the appearance of the tooth quite simply without having to remove the crown or even all the filling ensuring comfort and minimising the cost. The pictures below illustrate  the results possible in a matter of minutes.

Stained composite margin to crown

stained composite margin

This patient attended complaining of an unsightly margin to a crown that was otherwise quite satisfactory on her upper left canine tooth.

The existing filling was removed to reveal a darker dentine colour as the tooth was non vital and had been root filled.

As the tooth was non vital the preparation was comfortable without a local anaesthetic.

The procedure took less than 30 minutes.

Composite repair

Composite repair

Final repair to upper left canine crown margin following removal of the existing composite filling at the neck of the tooth.

Research has indicated that up to 20% of teeth become non vital as a result of being crowned.

This is usually associated with the tooth becoming darker.

Although the root and gum are healthy the neck of the tooth will appear dark as the gum receeds. This recession is often inevitable but as can be seen corrected relatively easily.

With time old fillings will stain. In the 2 pictures below before and after shots of replacement fillings are demonstrated.

old composite fillings

old composite fillings

This first shot shows the stained filling on he central and lateral incisor that have been present for approximately 10 years.

Although not uncomfortable they are causing embarassment and do not reflect the excellent oral hygiene, care and attention provided.

Composite filling material is made of Quartz (Silica) and a resin. It has a translucent property and comes in a variety of shades. The tooth surface is micoscopically roughened to form a very strong bond and seal the margin of the filling.

Replacement composites

Replacement composites