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Bridges at Hilltop Dental Spa

Missing teeth can be replaced by using adjacent teeth as a support for a bridge. Healthy teeth from either side of the gap or in some cases just from one side of the gap are used to support a false tooth which fills the gap. The bridge is then cemented.

A bridge is ideal for closing smaller gaps in the dentition, eliminating the need for dentures.

There are a number of ways to construct the bridge, for example the supporting teeth can be crowned or the false tooth can be fitted with “wings” either side. These wings are cemented to the back of the supporting teeth.

It is important that you discuss carefully your expectations with your dentist and a careful assessment is made of the teeth that will support the teeth which will include taking x rays. The gum health must be good and your bite (occlusion) favourable for a successful long term result.

Missing upper second premolar

Bridge supported by the tooth behind the gap