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Cancer Screening at Hilltop Dental

All patients are screened for oral health at their routine dental examinations following Clinical Governance and Good Practice guidelines.

Facts and Figures

  • In the UK about 4,300 new cases of mouth cancer are diagnosed annually.
  • Mouth cancer is the cause of about 1,700 deaths every year.
  • Mouth cancer is more common in men than women.
  • Mouth cancer is more likely to affect people over 40

Healthy Lifestyles

Stop smoking or using other tobacco products such as betel quid.

Limit the amount of alcohol you drink to-no more than 14 units a week for women and 21 units a week for men.    (1 unit = half pint of lager, a single measure of spirits or a small glass of wine)

Avoid excessive exposure to sunlight to help prevent lip cancer Eat green and yellow fresh fruit and vegetables every day. Bananas, peppers, broccoli, beans and cabbages are good sources of beta-carotene that can help prevent other cancers too.

Visit your dentist regularly, at least once a year for your oral health screening, and advice on good oral hygiene measures. Irritation from ill fitting dentures, broken teeth and chronic infection are all additional risk factors.