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Hilltop Dental Spa Dentures

Dentures are removable appliances that replace natural teeth. They may be made completely of acrylic that match the tooth and gum colour or they may also include a special frame of metal for strength. Dentures are designed to cover a minimal area of your mouth but can still feel very bulky.

Initially it is normal to feel as though you salivate more and your speech may be affected but with perseverance many people learn to master their dentures.

Clasps are used in dentures to improve the retention and stability of the dentures. Metal dentures by being stronger can be made to cover less of the gum and tooth area which is healthier as dentures tend to build up deposits of plaque (bacteria) and food debris. Metal dentures also often have supports called rest seats on teeth which improve the comfort and stability and reduce the gum stripping effect of all acrylic dentures.

A colbolt chrome denture
leaves sections of the palate clear