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Fee and Finance

At Hilltop Dental Spa we provide a full range of private and NHS dental care. An estimate and treatment plan will be given at your dental examination and will clearly indicate if the treatment being recommended is NHS or private. The prices listed below are for treatments we regularly provide

When to pay
We ask that patients pay for any treatment received at the end of each appointment. For crowns, bridges, implants and bleaching trays however we do request that payment be made before the fitting, at the preparation stage.

Cosmetic facial treatment is paid for on the day or for some treatment in advance.

We take Cash, cheque (with a valid guarantee card) debit and credit cards.

NHS Fees

From the 1st April , there are 3 standard charges for NHS dental treatment

  • Band 1 course of treatment:
    This covers an examination, diagnosis (eg x-rays), advices on how to prevent future problems and a scale and polish if needed.
  • Band 2 course of treatment:
    This covers everything listed in Band 1, plus any further treatment such as fillings, root canal treatment or removal of any one or more teeth.
  • Band 3 course of treatment:
    This covers everything listed in Band 1 and 2, plus any crowns, dentures and bridges.

Private Prices from
  Fees From
New Patient (including Xrays) £125.00
Routine Examination £47.50
Small Xray £11.50
Large Xray £39.00
Hygienist starting from £38.00
Perio Treatments  
Periochip £41.50
Dentomycin £155.00
Bonded Amalgam (silver coloured filling)  
Small £68.50
Medium £99.50
Large £116.00
Composite (white filling)  
Small £90.00
Medium £120.00
Large £148.00
Buccal £58.00
Invisitip £180.00
Root Fillings  
Incisor/canine £190.00
Premolar £290.00
Molar £390.00
Other Items  
Bite Guard £120.00
Surgical Extractions £185.00
Implant Surgery Price on Consultation
Anti Snoring Devices £440.00
Home Tooth Whitening £350.00
Crown and Bridge  
Crowns from £565.00
Bridge £565 per unit
Post £160.00
Core £125.00
Inlay £450.00
Veneer £565.00
High Impact Acrylic Dentures  
Partial £495.00
Full £800.00
Chrome dentures  
Partial £709.00
Full £945.00

*fees correct as of April 2017