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Snoring Devices

Snoring is a common complaint. Approximately 10% of snorers have sleep apnoea. In sleep apnoea the snorers actually stop breathing which puts added strain on the heart. Sleep apnoea as well as causing distress to those sleeping with the snorer leaves the sufferer tired after what appears to be an adequate length of sleep.

It has been estimated that 17% of road traffic accidents are caused by tiredness and sleep apnoea can be a contributing factor

The Therasnore device resembles a gum shield that gently holds the jaw during sleep to preventing snoring and improving breathing, correcting the sleep apnoea. Alternative devices are available that will be discussed at your appointment including controlled positive airway devices (CPAP).  Although more cumbersome, CPAP therapy provides relief to many sleep apnoea sufferers who also use Therasnore devices whilst on holiday or  travelling.

In order to make a Therasnore device an impression is taken of the upper and lower jaws and the device is fabricated in the laboratory. It is also possible to complete the fabrication of the Therasnore at the chairside.