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Sports Guards at Hilltop Dental Spa

Everyone enjoys sports but it can be rough on your teeth ! Sports related injuries are quite common, especially teeth being chipped or corners of teeth being sheared off. This usually occurs as a result of the teeth impacting against each other.

Sports guards are made from a polysiloxane material. Gum shields are best custom made to fit the individual. The gum shield protects the tooth agaist impact.

As they are custom made they are suitable for both adults and children. An adult mouth guard will last a few years, with the correct care. For school pupils, the sports shield will usually need replacing once a year as the mouth and teeth are still changing.

Sports guards can be made in a variety of colours, so they can even be made in your team colours.

Schools interested in supplying mouth guards for their pupils can contact the Practice Manager direct for a multiple purchase discount. Upon the receipt of parent consent slips, we can come to your school and carry out the impressions. We then return one week later with the custom made sports guards to minimise pupil disruption.

We also offer discounts for team sports shields in the team colours if preferred. Contact the Practice Manager for details.