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Crowns are tooth shaped covers made from porcelain and or metal to restore teeth to their correct shape and appearance. They are usually advised if the teeth are already very broken down, discoloured have large fillings or repeatedly break on eating. In order to make a crown a small amount of the tooth is initially removed to make enough room for the crown. An impression is taken and sent to a laboratory where the crown is made to your individual requirements. A temporary crown is made by the dentist and worn whilst the permanent crown is fabricated. This usually takes 2 weeks.

Crowns can match the existing tooth colour very closely or be made to look whiter or darker. The substructure of metal under porcelain crowns is used to make them stronger. Newer techniques using zirconium oxide claim greater strength for all ceramic crowns. Another technique to avoid the need for a metal substructure is the dentine bonded crown which involves less tooth removal and resembles a veneer that covers all the tooth

Discoloured tooth prior to crowning
Discoloured tooth after crowning

Before a tooth is prepared for a crown a radiograph (x ray) is usually taken to make sure the tooth can support the crown .