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Facial Thread Veins

For the therapy of facial thread veins

V-Beauty Vein Wave is a fast, simple and effective way to remove unsightly red veins from the nose and face.

Thread veins, sometimes called spider veins, affect 55% of the adult population. They can be unsightly and difficult to cover with make-up.

These veins can appear at all ages, male and female; they can be hereditary, they can be caused by diet, sunlight, medication and many other factors.

V-Beauty Vein Wave uses a high frequency microwave, causing the vein to seal up and disappear from the surface of the skin; the vein is then naturally broken down by the body. There is no post-operative soreness, just as light redness lasting a few hours which is easily treated and camouflaged with our Lycogel cream.The effect is immediate and permanent.  A session lasts 30 minutes and only one or two sessions are necessary.  The procedure is quick and painless and could even be done in your lunch break. Acne Rosacea, multiple veins or individual veins can be removed leaving a clearer, smoother completion.

       The photos above show veins that took just 2 treatments to remove

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Prices from £ 250.00