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Here at Hilltop Dental Spa, we sell a variety of Dental products. Below are some of the products we sell, feel free to pop in and purchase what you require.

Short handled tepes,
We stock from 0.4mm to 1.5mm, and can be used to clean between your teeth, under implants and around orthodontic appliances.

Long Handled Tepes Extra useful for those hand to reach areas, and the right angled brush helps remove 40% more plaque than tooth brushing alone.

Wisdom Clean Between Brushes
A combination of the soft rubber, and tapered design allows the brush to slide between the teeth.

An anti-plaque toothpaste with proven antibacterial ingredients, which have shown to be effective against key organisms that cause gum disease.

Plaque is an invisible bacterial film on the surface of your Teeth that causes decay. The ceplac will show up this plaque, showing you any areas you are missing, helping you brush your teeth more effectively. Great for Adults and Children!

Sensodyne 3.5 toothbrush
With soft bristles and a small brush head, this toothbrush is highly recommended for daily use. Combined with its slim neck you can easily access all areas of your mouth. Only available to purchase at dentists.

Single End Tufted Brush
Specially configured bristles that makes them ideal for cleaning around implants, orthodontic appliances, and hard to reach areas, such as wisdom teeth.

Glide Floss
Either the original or with the bow-shaped handle, Glide floss has a special coating which allows it to slide 50% more easily into tight spaces and making it shred resistant.

Plastic Mouth Mirror
Designed to help you inspect all the hidden areas of your mouth. Team it up with the Ceplac so you never miss any areas ever again!