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Tooth Coloured Fillings at Hilltop Dental Spa

Tooth coloured fillings are usually made of a composite material. The silica (Quartz) particles are embedded in a resin matrix. Composite restorations are usually set by means of a curing light allowing them to be finished and polished immediately.

Composite restorations have several advantages over amalgam fillings;

  • Less tooth structure is removed as they are bonded to the tooth
  • Last longer than amalgam fillings when correctly placed
  • Can be repaired more easily than other filling materials
  • Contain no mercury
  • Looks natural, which is great when laughing or smiling
  • Require fewer or no supporting pins or posts

Where the filling is made in the laboratory or by a CAD/CAM milling machine it is known as an inlay which will have greater strength than a filling set in the mouth. Inlays are also made to blend in with the natural tooth colour

Prices start from £70.00